Is there really a global financial Ruler? One That dictates policy to the Central Banks of the world?

Is there a Central Bank of central banks, that is senior to
the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England and the other
national banks that control interest rates, inflation, deflation,
prosperity and depression?

Such a bank not only exists, but John Truman Wolfe exposed this heretofore unseen hand in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and their plans for the next one.

No “conspiracy theorist” Wolfe names names, dates, places and actions.

If you have ever wanted to know who’s behind the Wizard’s curtain of international finance and how to protect yourself, Watch this exclusive web class now.

John Truman Wolfe

John Truman Wolfe is the #1 best-selling and international award-winning author of The Coming Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain and The 99 Strongest Banks in America.

A global financial advisor to governments across the world, former senior credit officer for two California banks, and the co-founder of the prestigious Los Angeles-based business management company Wiseman & Burke, Inc, Wolfe now dedicates his time to sharing his financial wisdom with as many people as possible on a number of platforms:

Wolfe is the editor and publisher of the Strategic Financial Intelligence Newsletter, a monthly newsletter covering investment, politics, economics, and the inner workings of the financial world. It is a veritable goldmine for anyone wanting to invest.

Wolfe is also the host of the John Truman Wolfe Financial Hour on CRN Talk, a comprehensive weekly radio show covering everything from stocks to precious metals and even crypto currencies. With scores of renowned guests from the worlds of finance, politics, economics, and more, tuning in is always time well spent.

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