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The current “banking crisis” is not over. Other banks here and abroad are under scrutiny. I would be surprised if there were not further closures.

Here is a specific heads up. Moody’s rating service put 6 U.S. banks on review for downgrades: First Republic Bank, Western Alliance Bancorp., Intrust Financial Corp., UMB Financial Corp., Zions Bancorp. and Comerica Inc.

And European banking giant Credit Suisse has just lost 25% of it’s value and is still falling as I write this  (5 am Wed Mar 15).

Things to do:

  1. Buy some precious metals (gold and or silver bullion coins). If you already own some, buy some more.
  2. I would stay away from bonds.
  3. Subscribe to my newsletter if you are not currently a subscriber. I follow the economy and the banking industry closely (including the coming digital currency in bank accounts.)

  1. If you want me to do an in depth review of your bank’s safety send me an email to I charge for this service – it takes some time and expertise. I charge $250 for a bank safety analysis and $375 if you also want a recommendation for a safer bank.

Keep your powder dry

John Truman Wolfe

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