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From Wolfe newest book The 99 Strongest Banks In America he gives us this gem:

“Less than half a dozen major banks in the country, which control a huge percentage of the country’s banking assets, are buried in malignant securities. Sooner or later, they will eat the host. However, when a banking crisis results, these terminally ill banks will have the ability to ‘save themselves’ by confiscating depositors’ money and converting it into bank stock to recapitalize themselves.

“This is like something out of a Stephen King novel—a horror story about banks that become vampires and suck the life from their depositors’ accounts. Except, it’s happening as we speak.

“Will FDIC insurance protect a depositor in a bail-in scenario? One presumes so. But the joint FDIC / Bank of England memo on bail-ins makes no mention of deposit insurance whatsoever. Very odd.”

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In this day and age of global uncertainty, you need to have as much information at hand to keep your investments—your future—as safe as possible. Nowhere else has the kind of hard-line data we offer—the kind that pulls back the curtains on what’s really happening, so you can make sound, strategic decisions that make your finances work for you.

Here’s one way the former banker, Mr. Wolfe, judges a bank’s soundness:

“A vital aspect of a bank’s financial health is the institution’s loan portfolio. Do they make sound loans or don’t they? Too many bad loans and the briefcase-toting droids from the FDIC show up and shut the place down.

“One way to measure the quality of the loan portfolio is to determine what percent of their loans are ‘not performing.’ Banks have to report this figure to regulators. Non-performing loans are those that are 90 days or more past due. There are a few ways one can measure this statistic, but here is a simple one.

“One can evaluate what percent the non-performing loans are of the bank’s overall assets. You will notice in the list of ‘Best Banks’ below, that in every case, the non-performing loans are less than 1% of the bank’s assets.”


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