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Message From The Wolfe

I want to help you get ahead of the game, find out about emerging changes in the financial world before they hit the mainstream so you can make strategic financial moves based on intelligent information. Ultimately you want to gain financial freedom and have a solid

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I spent a lifetime gaining this experience and knowledge that I am ready to share with you now. The information being imparted to you cuts through the noise and distractions, and gets to the fundamentals of economics, finances and investments so you don’t get fooled, you can make intelligent decisions and protect your financial position.

I want to ensure you get the straight facts, and valuable investing guidelines that aren’t just the latest fads, but will carry you through into the future. In todays’ economic and political climate, the challenges of inflation, digital currencies, banking rules, stock market volatility and so on, you should insist upon accurate intel for vital decision making.

My mission is to help you acquire that intel.

John Truman Wolfe

Keep your powder dry.


Your Trusted Insider Source

With 30 years of experience as a prolific financial advisor and one-time banker, best-selling author Truman Wolfe has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth behind the shadowy financial curtain and sharing his expertise with as many people as possible including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and leading financial
authorities in the U.S., Moscow and Beijing.

Wolfe’s recent recommendation in the Strategic Financial Intelligence Newsletter – Summit Therapeutics (SMMP) rose 277% in the first one hundred days since purchase!

Wolfe’s 2023 guidance predicts a strong bull market for precious metals – and with your subscription to the Strategic Financial Intelligence Newsletter you can uncover his specific gold mining company recommendations and grow your portfolio!

When you don’t have the insider knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes, you can end up losing all you’ve built up…

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In this day and age of global uncertainty, you
need to have as much information at hand to
keep your investments—your future—as safe as
possible. Nowhere else has the kind of hard-line
data we offer—the kind that pulls back the curt
ains on what’s really happening, so you can
make strategic decisions that make your financ
es work for you



Uninspected lies and false information is fed to
us on a daily basis so that we make the wrong
decisions. Learn how to find and spot the lies
that if acted upon would lead to huge financial
losses. Expose the lies and the truth is revealed.
Use the truth and your superior financial knowl
edge to make intelligent decisions to flourish
and prosper.



In an ocean of financial advice, who can you trust?
In this age of information overload how do you
determine the validity of the information you
digest? We bring you real facts and sound advice
so you can make sound decisions that bring you
financial freedom.




The Strategic Financial Intelligence Newsletter

Born from the deep insights of John Truman Wolfe, Strategic Financial Intelligence is your #1 resource for vital, insider information on the economy, investing, politics,and all things financial.
You’ll find the best investment opportunities, discover key economic issues so you don’t fall victim to them, and gain an invaluable foundation of financial know-how. Strategic Financial Intelligence is a comprehensive toolset that arms you with all the financial information you need—and won’t find anywhere else.

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A Few Things
About John Truman Wolfe

  • 500+ Radio interviews
  • 150K+ Books Sold
  • #1 Amazon Best Selling Author
  • Former senior credit officer for two California banks
  • Co-founder of the prestigious Los Angeles-based business management firm Wiseman & Burke, Inc.
  • Host of the John Truman Wolfe Financial Hour on CRN Talk
  • Award winning author of the internationally acclaimed Tom McKenna private eye series.
  • Amazon Best Selling author of Crisis By Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It
  • Global Leader in strategic financial intelligence for increased investment knowledge, helping thousands of people around the world to understand the economics of life.


What Our Subscribers Have to Say


For anyone desiring financial freedom, the material authored by Wolfe is so vital that it can be truly stated that financial freedom is impossible without a fundamental command of this data. That is what Wolfe delivers.


In a world filled with lies and propaganda your writing keeps me connected to the truth that I can sense struggling for breath underneath all the noise.

CEO – Sunbelt Software

His understanding of the subject comes out of 30 years of experience as a financial advisor and one-time banker, and it is this breadth of understanding, coupled with a curious and meticulous mind, that provides the reader with a clear look ‘behind the curtain’.

E. Kenneth Eckersley

Bruce is a great businessman with more highly ethical intentions. As a former Magistrate and Justice of the Peace he has my full support.

Seven Time Emmy-Award-Winning Producer/Director

John Truman Wolfe is a first class writer and political commentator who possesses a huge intellect and never ending passion to expose the ills that plague our society. He is an ombudsman for the common man.

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