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Towards the end of the second World War, in July of 1944, a conference was held at the Mount Washington Hotel in Brenton Woods, New Hampshire. It was attended by all of the allied powers,

The purpose of the conference was to restructure the world’s financial strategies. There were 730 attendees, but the conference was chaired and controlled by the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Harry Dexter White.

Harry Dexter White & John Maynyard Keynes


A number of developments came out of Brenton Woods, but specific to this article, was the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Over the last many decades, these organizations, which had noble purposes at the end of the war, morphed into nothing less than global predators. (Is it no surprise that the person controlling the Brenton Woods conference, Harry Dexter White, the number two man in the U.S. Treasury, and later the first Executive Director of the IMF, was a Russian spy? Yep.)

The product of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank today is indebted nations. That’s what they produce, not by accident or happenstance but by design. During the so-called Asian flu, the financial crisis that engulfed Southeast Asian in 1997 and 1998 is an example.

Currency manipulator George Soros charged into the deteriorating financial conditions of countries in Southeast Asia (such as Malaysia, Thailand, etc.) short sold their currencies (bet against them in currency markets) helping to exacerbate the financial chaos.

Then the IMF comes riding in on a white horse, all full of concern for the economic suffering of the population and says to the president or premier, “Gee. would $5 or $10 billion help?” I have seen these loan agreements which the IMF forces on their borrowers. They are draconian in the extreme, dictating things like education policy, tax policy, agricultural policy, etc.

So let’s turn the clock back to 2013 when the President of the Ukraine was Victor Yanukovych. The country was suffering economically.

Yanukovych turned to the IMF for help. He negotiated with them for many months trying to structure a loan with acceptable terms for  Ukraine.  But the IMF insisted on terms that would further impoverish the citizens of Ukraine. They demanded, as a key provision of the loan, that Ukraine significantly increase the cost of electricity and natural gas.

Yanukovych said his citizens couldn’t afford it. And after months of unsuccessfully trying to strike a deal with the IMF that would not chock his citizens with gut wrenching utility prices, and rejecting an alliance with the EU, he turned East. Putin, long seeking to strengthen Russia’s ties with Ukraine, bought $11 billion worth of Ukrainian debt and decreased the price of energy Russia was supplying to the Ukraine.

Yanukovych was now in the loving arms of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Now, Yanukovych was no choir boy. His lavish estate, with an exotic animal preserve, golf course, bowling alley, tennis court and shooting range was in dramatic contrast to the living conditions of that of the average Ukrainian. That and his rejection of a deal with the EU in favor of the Vlad Man sparked days of chaos and bloody riots that had the CIA’s fingerprints all over it.


The results? The CIA’s go-to specialty, regime change. Yanukovych defected and fled to Russia. He was replaced by the pro-Western Petro Poroshenko.


A more recent example of the IMF’s operating basis can be seen in their recent treatment of Belarus. In July of 2020, the IMF and World Bank offered Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko $940 million for “Covid relief aid”.

The terms?

For the $940 million loan, the IMF and World Bank demanded that

  • “Impose “extreme” lockdown to the citizens
  • Force citizens to wear face masks
  • Enforce very tight curfews
  • Enforce a police state
  • Economic crash”


What IMF Conditions Has Ukraine Accepted?


While Belarus’s Lukashenko rejected the IMF offer like an invitation to the prom from an acne ridden teenager, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy did not.

Ukraine is now deeply in debt to the financial mafia at the IMF. They approved a $1.4 billion loan to the Ukraine in this month (March, 2022), dispersed $700 million to Ukraine in December and a $2.7 billion allocation of IMF currency called special drawing rights last August

What is odd is that the terms of these loans have not been set or at least have not been published, The question is what will Ukraine have to give up for the IMF largess . This will be an interesting development to watch because Zelenskyy just approved the legal use of crypto assets in the Ukraine. Why?  Because the country has received at least $100 million in crypto asset donations to help them fend off the Russians.

But the IMF hates cryptocurrencies because they compete with central bank digital currencies that the IMF seeks to expand. Ihose digital currencies enable governments to monitor and regulate the finances of citizens. (In the digital currency world, there are two different categories of currencies. There are the “decentralized” digital currencies which are not monitored by banks or governments. These are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. And there are so-called CBDCs, Central bank digital currencies. These are digital currencies issued and controlled by central banks.)

Zelenskyy received $100 million or more of decentralized cryptocurrencies. He will likely get much more. The IMF’s opposition to decentralized cryptocurrencies is based on the fact that they are not under government control and governments cannot impose their draconian mandates as a condition of IMF loans.

Will the IMF mandate that Zelenskyy rescind his recent order legalizing crypto’s as part of the terms of their recent loans?

And if so, what will Zelensky do?


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Keep your powder dry.

John Truman Wolfe

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  1. Given the way puppet Trudeau in Canada and his equivalent “leaders” in other western nations are deliberately sinking their country’s economies in debt, one has to wonder exactly what the (Soros/Schwab) game plan is. Is the IMF in Canada’s future?

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