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Who is pulling the strings on global finance? Is another financial crisis coming? How do world events impact your investments? How do you navigate your way through a tonnage of misinformation on what and how to invest? Do you want to wake up and know whats really going on with the world and take control of your financial freedom?


If yes, you’re at the right place. And If you want to survive the turbulent environment with your savings intact, profit from investment opportunities others miss, or even if you just want to protect your personal and financial freedom, you have to learn the rules of the game of finance and that is what Strategic Financial Intelligence does for you. Learn the hard truth about finance, investing, economics and politics from the former banker and veteran finance executive who single-handedly exposed the Global Financial Mafia and their secret agenda.
John Truman Wolfe


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Banker turned Best-Selling Author, Editor and Humanitarian

With 30 years of experience as a prolific financial advisor and one-time banker, best-selling author Truman Wolfe has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth behind the shadowy financial curtain and sharing his expertise with as many people as possible—including some of the biggest names in Hollywood and leading financial authorities in the U.S., Moscow and Beijing.

When you don’t have the insider knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes, you can end up losing all you’ve built up…

With a world turned upside down by Covid, our greatest inoculation against financial ruin is sound knowledge and hard-won experience.

John Truman Wolfe has done the work, he’s perfected the knowledge and it’s paying off.

He knows the investments immune to the chaos and the history to back it up.

And he believes there is nothing more important than sharing it with you right now.


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Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Social Proof for Mr. Wolfe

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Born from the deep insights of John Truman Wolfe, Strategic Financial Intelligence is your #1 resource for vital, insider information on the economy, investing, politics, and all things financial.
You’ll find the best investment opportunities, discover key economic issues so you don’t fall victim to them, and gain an invaluable foundation of financial know-how.
Strategic Financial Intelligence is a comprehensive toolset that arms you with all the financial information you need—and won’t find anywhere else.
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Get The Low Down On Making Highly Profitable Investment Decisions


In this day and age of global uncertainty, you need to have as much information at hand to keep your investments—your future—as safe as possible. Nowhere else has the kind of hard-line data we offer—the kind that pulls back the curtains on what’s really happening, so you can make strategic decisions that make your finances work for you.


Uninspected lies and false information is fed to us on a daily basis so that we make the wrong decisions. Learn how to find and spot the lies that if acted upon would lead to huge financial losses. Expose the lies and the truth is revealed. Use the truth and your superior financial knowledge to make intelligent decisions to flourish and prosper.


In an ocean of financial advice, who can you trust? In this age of information overload how do you determine the validity of the information you digest? We bring you real facts and sound advice so you can make sound decisions that bring you financial freedom.


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